Sales & Acquisitions

Business jets for sale and purchase

Air CM Global have helped clients buy, sell and upgrade their aircraft since 2015. Our highly qualified team have secured deals on both sides, and managing all elements, providing a turnkey solution for our clients. Our team can provide advice and management of the pricing and advertising of the aircraft, negotiating the agreement terms on your behalf.

The one-stop solution for private jet transactions

We are the one-stop solution for business jet transactions

Air CM Global are ready to guide you smoothly through every stage of the acquisition or sale of a business aircraft. Our inhouse management team has spent years working with individuals, small businesses and major corporations, sourcing aircraft from around the world, locating serious buyers or sellers and securing the best deals. We understand that speed and accuracy of quotes play a large part in building trust during the preliminary stages of searching for an aircraft, which is why our customer service team are on hand 24/7 to deal with your requests. 

How Air CM Global can help you buy or sell a business jet

Air CM’s qualified management teams with their knowhow in the purchase and sale of business aircraft will guide you through every step. We have extensive experience dealing in both fixed-wing aircraft and rotary and have dealt with all major business jet brands. 

Air CM Global will secure the best price for the aircraft using our presence in the aviation industry and our global industry database to locate both the right people and the right aircraft for you. 

When purchasing a second-hand aircraft, our team can assist with the Pre-Purchase Inspection (PPI), either by performing it ourselves or finding an approved supplier on your behalf. Air CM Global can implement an enhanced acceptance checklist to ensure the aircraft is delivered in the expected condition, with all onboard amenities you are expecting. 

The first steps

Buying or selling an aircraft is a financially significant decision. If you have not been through the process before, you should speak to one of our advisors about the different stages, and the associated financial commitments. 

As aviation laws and taxation change (which is even more prevalent with Brexit for UK nationals), we provide au courant data for guidance in the ever-changing landscape of aircraft sales and acquisitions. Behind the scenes, we are utilising the most up-to-date systems and intelligence available to provide a smooth and reliable service to our clients.  

If you are looking to buy an aircraft, have a look at our Aircraft Management page for information on how to get started up. 

Specification Checklist

Ensure you are requesting the right make and model aircrafts for you

  • Age of aircraft
  • Number of seats and cabin volume 
  • Capability for sleep position 
  • Cargo volume 
  • Range – full and ferry 
  • Normal cruise speed 
  • Weight allowance with full fuel 
  • Variable cost per hour 
  • Average fuel burn 

Ethics Statement

Air CM Global are committed to upholding high ethical standards on behalf of our clients. Our reputation is built on transparency and this is paramount when dealing with the sales and acquisitions area of the business. Air CM Global has a partnership with a professional money laundering prevention company, acting with integrity maintains our reputation, which we reply upon to stay operational. Our code of conduct is included on every contract to ensure all parties are aware of how we operate as a company, and the standard we maintain in this regard.