AOC management

Your Partner in Aircraft Management and Operations

To operate an aircraft, you will need to find a management company that has the correct approval for your type of flying. We hold approvals with multiple authorities to allow flexibility for our clients. From sole private operations requiring a Part NCC or 2-Reg, to full charter and management requiring an Aircraft Operating Certificate (AOC).

Private Jet Management

By opting for our fully managed service, we would act as your aircraft’s nominated management company, falling under our insurance policies, maintenance scheduling, and health and safety metrics outlined below. 


Air CM Global have built a reputation on transparency that operates through our accountancy model, billing process and our client relationship management. We invite you to build a relationship with the company’s management team in the stages prior to contracting your aircraft to confidently decide. Once you partner with us, your account will have an account manager that represents your aircraft at all business meetings and liaises with all departments on your behalf, before relaying all important information and decisions.  Unlike many management companies, there is no third-party invoice mark up, giving our clients not only more value for money, but more confidence in our transparency as they have full oversight of supplier invoices. 


A vital part of our management service is our dedicated and inhouse Continued Airworthiness Management Organisation (CAMO). The team manage all aspects of our client’s aircraft ‘tip to tail’, ensuring that no matter where it is headed, it has been done in the safest possible way. CAMO work closely with the account managers to ensure the client’s schedule is not disrupted by unexpected maintenance inputs and that all financial options have been considered. 

Health and Safety

Our number one priority as a management company is the safety of our clients, passengers, crew and the aircraft. Air CM Global pride ourselves on our safety culture and are continuously finding ways to improve different aspects of our operation to reflect the changes in the industry. The crew are trained at the best training facilities in the world for their aircraft types, the aircraft are maintained at approved sites the world over, and our ground team have dedicated roles for areas like Dangerous Goods and Compliance. We listen to our stakeholders to ensure that the safety culture is being upheld and emulated in every corner our operation. 

Further to the principal requirements of having an AOC, we offer all aspects of a fully managed service. From basics to complete management, we tailor the service you require for your specific requirements. But before you decide on your level of service, you will want to have considered these 3 factors :

Location: where do you want to operate your aircraft from and to predominately? Now more than ever, restrictions, quarantine periods and fluctuating costs that reflect these changes, knowing where would be the most economically and time efficient placement is paramount. 

Utilisation: Do you want to run only your own flights, or would you be open to chartering your aircraft? We have more information on chartering here

Parameters: Everyone’s situation is unique. Do you have your own crew lined up? Do you have a specific airport that has approached you? After considering your position, do you have specific queries or concerns?  

Air CM Global’s aircraft service management services are bespoke to the requirements of each client. Here are the areas to consider when: 


  • Insurance policy management – either by joining our fleet policy or providing your own 
  • Crew management – EASA standard as a minimum 
  • Continuous airworthiness management – our in house team will ensure the aircraft is maintained for you 
  • Flight administration – 24/7 in house operations team, full international flight preparation (including permits and permissions)  

Bespoke options

  • Monthly financial reports – bespoke to your preferred accounting style and frequency
  • Dedicated Account Manager – one point of contact for all aspects 
  • Sales Manager – To charter your aircraft around your flight schedule 
  • Hiring – we can advertise for and hire the best fit for your operation and aircraft type 
  • Dangerous Goods Management 

We’re ready to help with every aspect of managing your aircraft. Get in touch by phone or email today, and we’ll create a tailored solution that meets your individual needs.

Image of the inside of a private Air CM Global AOC aircraft managed jet