About Air CM Global

A passionate team dedicated to personal service

Air CM Global has built an established reputation for its portfolio of personalised aviation services and customer care. Our team have managed business jets for private use and charter, as well as all kinds of specialist missions such as air ambulance and cargo.

A Maltese registered company established in 2015.

A Maltese registered company established in 2015.

Based near the capital city of Valletta, the company was set up in Malta on the cusp of progressive changes in Government legislation. The Island has undergone much development since the Governmental changes to aviation, and now hosts over 60 AOC companies, specialising in a host of different areas.

About Air cm Global

Air CM Global is unique in its make-up from others because the service is tailored around our client’s needs. On top of meeting all legal requirements, we manage our accounts to suit our clients preferences. Some clients have specific financial reporting requirements, others want their aircraft to be chartered for them on specific days, and others need teams that are always ready to go, all year round. Whatever the specific requirement, we are dynamic in ways that other companies would struggle to maintain.

With our Aircraft management,  you will find a partner that is established and maintains every aspect of your aircraft through our Civil Aviation-approved organisation. Not only that, but we can offer significant tax efficient and cost-effective advantages to those registering their aircraft with us in Malta. The benefits of registering your aircraft in Malta are outstanding, and seen by most as the best in Europe, if not the world. With our private air charter services, you can enjoy access to both our own growing fleet of aircraft the world over.

Air CM Global’s widespread experience allows us to offer further specialist services. From the acquisition and sale of private aircraft to medical evacuations and surveillance in global hot-spots, we draw on our expert in-house staff, trusted industry contacts and global infrastructure to deliver on your unique brief. Get in touch with Air CM Global today and find out how we can help you.